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What are the active hours of the business?

sunday - thursday | 10:00 - 14:00, 16:00 - 19:00


friday | 10:00 - 15:30

It is possible and recommended to arrive by appointment 052-2543364

What is the distance needed to hang the hammock?

The beauty of comfy hammock is that it can be hung on just one hook. On the other hand, it is possible to stretch to a distance of 6 m if necessary and even more. In our opinion, a distance of between 3-5m gives a wonderful solution to being in a hammock.
It should be taken into account that as the distance increases, and in order to maintain a good concave, we will place the hooks higher, and vice versa

Do you also do hammock installations in homes?

When purchasing a hammock, you can order an installation at a low cost of only NIS 299 inside Tel Aviv. If outside the city, then in addition according to the distance from Tel Aviv. Beyond that we are always happy to advise where to set hooks for hanging a hammock in the house whether during a visit, video call or sharing a photo of the home space on which I mark and send back.

Is it possible to wash the hammock cloth?

It is possible and reccomended to wash!
It is important to loosen the ropes before putting them in the machine, the washing process dries and damages them. The fabric should be washed separately at a temperature of 30 ° and hung to dry. A dryer has a tendency to eat massive fabrics. not recommended.
The edges of the fabric are fastened with a special rope in a light knot called a "rescue knot". On the website, we uploaded a video showing how to tie and untie a rescue knot. Beyond that we will always be happy to help on phone 052-2543364

Is the hammock also designed for babies?

I developed the hammock for my children when they were born. I found that babies should be laid across the hammock and not along it, and the swinging motion (like a pendulum) does wonders!
The width of the fabric is 160 cm giving full confidence that a baby will not be able to come out without the help of an adult. Beyond that, if the parent is concerned, with the help of a patent I developed, you can determine very easily the height of the hammock.

What weight and how many people can the hammock carry?

The hammock fabrics have been carefully selected to provide maximum comfort and strength. So is the tying method in which the edges of the fabric are fastened and create additional resilience. 120 kg is the correct weight for all hammocks. Beyond that, some of the hammocks have a strength of 150 kg.
All hammocks come with a full one and a half year warranty from the date of purchase. Must be taken into consideration that cotton swabs over the years get rubbings, lose fibers, and their strength may weaken. It is important to keep an unused hammock in proper conditions that will not absorb moisture and mold. Under optimal conditions an adult with a child or two is a fun and uplifting experience. warmly recommended.

Is it healthy to sleep in a hammock?

Clients over the years report improved sleep and significant relief for those suffering from back problems. Comfy hammock was developed with maximum comfort in mind due to the quality of the fabric, its size and the ease of determining its height above the floor, depending on the required form of use, whether for sitting or lying down. Lying diagonally alone allows for a straight back and comfortable support of the cotton fabric for any position. In combination with the pillows the body is in complete relaxation and if you add a floor heater underneath, which is directed at the lower back area (of course at a safe distance), a pain-relieving treatment is obtained. It is recommended to come to the studio at Sheinkin 34 and try it out.

Is it possible to attach hooks to any type of wall?
It is not possible to fix hooks in sheetrock!
It is best to attach hooks to a concrete wall. It is also possible in block walls and not those built of sand and shells. Wooden jambs are also good, and in general you are welcome to call 052-2543364 and consult with us about the location of your home.

Can comfy hammock be suitable for old people as well?

Yes without a doubt! after a brief explanation of how to sit down and how to get up from a comfy hammock, makes it friendly to use also for seniors. Easy to understand for anyone in a simple demo.

Do you sell hammock hooks?

Yes ! You can find suitable and safe jumbo hooks for the wall, as well as jumbo hooks for wood (rarer to find) and with us at a low cost of only 5 NIS.

If I order a hammock, do you ship anywhere in Israel? How long does it take? and how much does it cost?

By buying a hammock, you can order a delivery to anywhere in Israel. An order that we get before 10:00 will arrive the next day at the door. Delivery costs only 50 NIS.

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